Tax Saving Insurance & Financial Planning

We develop a strategic plan that uses your life insurance plan from your group employee benefits as a financial vehicle to reduce taxes, provide increased asset control and eliminate up to 85% of your company’s tax liability.

Permanent life insurance can allow you to transfer assets to beneficiaries tax-free, both income, and estate taxes. Without causing your income and estate taxes to skyrocket, permanent life insurance can help you transfer wealth into a shelter.

Our goal is to move assets from the business owner to various tax-saving, trusted and legal financial instruments in the most tax-efficient way possible with tax advantages up to 85% annually for the business.  Using life insurance policies as a tax advantage can yield greater financial rewards in comparison to stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

To determine your eligibility for this program, we will consult with your tax attorney, CPA, financial advisors and/or third-party administrators to find the most efficient, most profitable and cost-saving ways to grow your wealth without increasing your tax liability.

We will review your the following types of life insurance policies to determine if they qualify:

  • Term Life Insurance Plans
  • Whole Life Insurance Plans
  • Index Universal Life (IUL)
  • AD&D Life Insurance
  • Return of Premium Life Insurance
  • Long Term Life Insurance
  • Trust Funding

Benefits:  Developing a plan for tax-savings can provide comfort in knowing that tax-deferred growth of cash inside a life insurance policy is not vulnerable to the economic fluctuations in the market and the whims of those who run Social Security and Medicare.  This is money that you could use to supplement your retirement income, pay for medical care, or whatever you wish—regardless of what the government does.