Employees count on you. Businesses count on us.

We work hard to build trusted relationships with our clients for their long-term success. We offer personalized service, a large portfolio of options and packages, and ongoing customer service where you never have to call a 1-800 number or put on hold. You can call us directly anytime.
Vinson B.
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“The team at RSR makes the process of setting up benefits so easy and they have options for everyone. Highly recommend for any business owners looking to save money or just provide better benefits for their employees.” – Vinson B. (5 Star Google Review)

Chris E.
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“RSR Helped my small business save tens of thousands per year on our employee benefits. Couldn’t be happier.” – Chris E. (5 Star Google Review)

David H.
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“Very responsive, very competitive and very service oriented. Said did not like 800 numbers, said call them. I like that!” – David H. (5 Star Google Review)

Emelie C.
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“As a small business, benefits can be overwhelming. RSR made the process seamless and much easier than our previous experience. It has taken a huge load off of our plate. Highly recommend!” – Emelie C. (5 Star Google Review)

Cherie F.
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“RSR has made navigating a complex web of benefits easy! Taking care of all the details so I can focus on my business! Highly recommend!” – Cherie F (5 Star Google Review)